Restrooms at Pearson’s Falls Are Going Green

At Pearson’s Falls just outside of Saluda, North Carolina, they’re making sure that if you have to go…you can “go green”.  The park area is run by the Tryon Garden Club, and when they decided to replace portable toilets with a more permanent structure, the new facility needed to go green and not disrupt its surroundings.

Carol Meeske of the Tryon Garden Club was the project manager. 

“We preserve, protect, and treasure Pearson’s Falls, and we felt this was one way to do it.  It’s really a green restroom.  It has waterless toilets, waterless urinals, touch-less electricity…when you walk in the lights will go on, when you leave, the lights will go off.”

“We opted to go with a green living roof.  We have sedums, we have mosses, there’s some trillium, and ferns of course.”

Waste left behind gets separated; liquids into a septic system that runs out back…solids into a bin for composting.  The compost is scheduled to be emptied in about eighteen months and, pending county approval, will be used around the park.

Although the technology has been around since 1939, Pearson’s Falls is the only facility in the western Carolinas using this particular (Clivus) waste/composting system.

Money for the project came through the Polk County Community Foundation, which receives charitable donations and distributes them in the form of grants to area non-profit organizations.

So if you are at the falls and enjoying the great outdoors when nature calls, you won’t be leaving a mess behind.

Click here for more information on Pearson’s Falls.

Click here for more information on the Clivus waste system.

Click here for more on living roofs.

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