Fact Checking Candidates

Fact Checking Candidates (Image 1)
Fact Checking Candidates (Image 1)

Richard Cash is running for US Senate in South Carolina and he sent us an e-mail today saying he has the most cash on hand in comparison to his opponents. Cash is a republican challenging Senator Lindsey Graham in the primaries.

According to campaign finance reports Cash’s claim are true.

· He has more than $464,000 dollars on hand.

· Det Bowers is the closest to him with more than $384,000.

· Bill Connor has more than $314,000.

· Nancy Mace follows with $223,000.

· Senator Lee Bright is at $78, 557.

· Benjamin Dunn is around $10,000.

· US Senator Lindsey Graham $6.9 million.

Cash on hand comes from donations and support groups. The money is used to fund the campaign.

“Once we get closer to the actual election day is when you can see that most of the candidates are going to spend and use their campaign commercials. Advertising is really concentrated on the last week or two of the campaign when people are really paying attention,” said Robert Oldendick, Political Science Professor at the University of South Carolina.

If you have a question for a candidate, email it to voter@wspa.com.

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