Greenville Firefighters Give Detectors Door to Door to Save Lives

Firefighters in the city of Greenville Saturday said they’re putting a stop to a big problem, old or missing smoke detectors.

Firefighters said they’re teaming up to check detectors statewide to keep you safe.

The Parker Fire District and Greenville City went to the Woodside community this weekend and knocked on doors to ask if they could check neighbor’s smoke detectors. They added detectors if they weren’t there were too old or didn’t work.

Firefighters said a big problem is many people don’t know where to put the detectors so they can save your life and be effective.

Neighbors were grateful for the knowledge and a tool that can keep them safe for years.

“We had fire detectors but we didn’t have enough and we had them in the wrong place so them coming in showed us we need more,” said Connie Nuhu.

“We found a lot that were very, very old, wasn’t even working and we were get in there and replace them we know for a fact we saved lives,” said Tito Dendy, Greenville City Fire Inspector.

Firefighters said you should have a detector near every bedroom door.

If you need a smoke detector or think yours is out of date you can visit your local fire department.

Many will give you a free one and tell you if you need a carbon monoxide detector.

Greenville City also worked with community development and the Red Cross to pass out other supplies a family may need to survive a fire. They gave out bags with things like flashlights, spare batteries and water.

“They said we have to have a meeting spot so mine is going to be my Aunts house,” said Jaquin

Saturday firefighters installed 147 smoke alarms and 23 carbon monoxide detectors. They went into 115 homes to educate families about what to do in the case of a fire.

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