VIRAL VIDEO: Baby Sea Lion Hops On Boat, Snuggles With Man

NEWPORT BEACH, CA (WFLA) – A stowaway made a California man’s boating outing extra special.

J.R. Gilkinson was boating about two miles off Newport Beach, CA when a baby sea lion swam up to his boat.

Gilkinson told the Huffington Post that the sea lion hopped onto the back of the boat.

It then made its way to J.R. and snuggled with him for about an hour in a seat on the boat.

Gilkinson grabbed his cell phone and recorded video of the special visitor, who basked in the sun and nuzzled J.R. much like a house cat rubs up against its owner.

Gilkinson told HuffPo that people are told not to approach sea lions, but he said the encounter was completely on the sea lion’s terms.

“It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had,” he said.

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