U.S.A. Beats Ghana

U.S.A. Beats Ghana (Image 1)
U.S.A. Beats Ghana (Image 1)

Team U.S.A. won their first group G match against Ghana at the 2014 Brazil World Cup on Monday evening! The first U.S. goal came from Clint Dempsey in the opening 30 seconds of the match, which is the fastest goal by an American, and the 5th fastest in World Cup history.

The final tie breaking goal came from John Brooks in the 86th minute, becoming the first World Cup score by a U.S. substitute.

It was a costly start for the U.S. as two Americans went out with injuries. First was striker Jozy Altidore with a left hamstring injury during the first half that may cause him to be out for the rest of the tournament, leaving the U.S. short a forward.

Dempsey went down next with a bloody nose after taking a shot from Ghana defender John Boye’s lower left leg. After being treated, Dempsey stayed in the game, but he said afterward he thought his nose was broken.

The Americans have a good chance to win against Portugal on Sunday since the Portuguese lost three starters on Monday, one to a red card and the other two to injuries.

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