Dating Naked: The New Blind Date

Dating Naked: The New Blind Date (Image 1)
Dating Naked: The New Blind Date (Image 1)

As if blind dates are not awkward enough, this new dating show ‘lets it all hang out’ as daters are also completely naked.

On VH1’s new reality show, “Dating Naked”, contestants go to remote and exotic locations to search for love, but first they have to remove all of their clothes.

Resident from Nashville Christina Porcelli, who also goes by “Wee Wee”, decided that dating naked was so radical that it might just work. She claims that dating in Nashville is too difficult and nothing else has worked.

Over the hour-long premiere, the contestant goes on three dates that are made even more ridiculous than they already are by being naked. As crazy as it seems, she said that it wasn’t really that awkward, that she kind of ‘forgets being naked’.


one way to get to know each other – plus there’s nothing to hide.  

To experience all of the awkwardness of first dates and being naked, tune in to the “Dating Naked” premiere at 8 p.m. tomorrow night only on VH1.

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