Which Backpack Is Best For Your Child

Which Backpack Is Best For Your Child (Image 1)
Which Backpack Is Best For Your Child (Image 1)

 It’s time to pick out a backpack for your child and there’s plenty to choose from. Instead of going for style healthykids.org says choose a pack that is good for your child’s health. 

A student should only be carrying about 10 to 15 percent of their body weight on their back.  

If carrying more than that on a regular basis, a child can contract long term neck or back pain. 

Also make sure the backpack has two thick straps, thin straps can dig into the child’s shoulders creating issues. 

Make sure your child wears both straps on their shoulders, wearing only one can cause a child to lean and create balance problems. 

Roller backpacks can be great for students, but be wary of them if the child has to travel up stairs.  Some schools don’t allow roller backpacks, so check before purchasing one. 

Doctors also recommend frequent locker trips for your child, so they aren’t carrying all of their books.  Tell them to bring home only the necessary items.  

A backpack with a waistbelt will also help distribute the weight on your child’s back.

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