September 2014 Caring For The Carolinas Award Winner

September 2014 Caring For The Carolinas Award Winner (Image 1)


This month, Caring for the Carolinas visits Wildlife Action at Lost Acres. We’re speaking with our September Award winner, Jane Hughston


We educate children from Schools, churches, daycare places, anywhere there’s a group of children that needs to come on a field trip. They thoroughly enjoy it. Some of the kids that we have have never been in the woods before.


Jane and her husband, this was their vision: to come out and build Lost Acres, to be able to educate children. She also donated a great percentage of the land that this preserve is on, to Wildlife Action.


In all these years, Jane has continued to amaze me with her energy, her enthusiasm, I feel that she is such an asset to our community.


I always looked up to my grandma, she’s been one of my heroes.


Also, Jane is the type of person, she cuts her own firewood, she splits it and she bushhogs.


In addition to her trophy, and our thanks, Jane will also receive a free Hardee’s Thinkburger every week for a year. We might want to mention our friends at Hardee’s, Bath Fitters and Harrison, White Smith & Coggins attorneys, because they help sponsor this award and for the month of September, our award winner is Jane Hughston. Jane, there you go!

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