Upstate Woman Accused of Ill Treatment of Animals, Back in Jail

Upstate Woman Accused of Ill Treatment of Animals, Back in Jail (Image 1)

An Upstate woman who is accused of ill treatment of animals is back behind bars. Amanda Keith was arrested because she failed to show up for court on January 26 according to the 8th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

The Lauren’s County Sheriff’s Office said Keith was picked up by deputies about four days after her court date. No hearing has been scheduled to determine her release.

We first reported on the Keith’s in 2006 when the family faced similar charges in Greenville County. In May of 2013 Amanda, her mother and sister were arrested and charged after a gruesome discovery at a Laurens County home.

Laurens County Sheriff’s Office officials stated that Rebecca Keith, 58, of Laurens, and her daughters, Amanda Keith, 33, and Sara Keith, 31, also of Laurens, were arrested and charged with ill treatment of animals and failure to bury animals properly.

According to a Lieutenant Judy Stiles of the sheriff’s office, deputies went to the home on Love Joy Lane on Thursday and discovered over 80 dead animals in the home and on the property. Some of the animals, which were from a variety of species that included dogs, cats, birds and even baby deer, were found wrapped in plastic in a refrigerator, freezer and other areas throughout the home and property.

According to Stiles, some of the animals had been dead since last October, when the women moved into the rental home. Several dogs were found running around on the property, and a pair of horses were found in poor condition and transported to a local rescue farm.

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