Best Things To Buy In May

Best Things To Buy In May (Image 1)

May is a big month for shoppers from Mother’s day to Memorial day. So if you’re looking to save, you’ve got to know what items are hitting the lowest prices of the year. We learned snagging the deals in May is as much about timing as it is knowing what to buy.


Dealnews says, look for Mother’s Day sales on kitchen items and accessories like handbags. But you may want to avoid other stereotypical gifts like jewelry. The price tracker says in past years, those shops have raised prices in the beginning of May.

Now if you want to get one of those nice gift packs for mom, don’t get it full price. We looked into different coupons, for instance Target’s Cartwheel app. And found a Godiva chocolate gift tin for $10 off. We also found out this won’t be on sale in stores until Friday.


Throughout the month you’re likely to save on Spring Clothes. But hold off on summer clothes for the best deals.


And closer to Memorial Day, look for sales on big ticket items like refrigerators and mattresses. Dealnews predicts they’ll pop up as early as May 12.


You’ll want to pass on a new grill or patio furniture until the real sales hit later in the summer.


Finally, one word of caution, Dealnews says toward the end of the month you’re bound to see big sales on TVs and Laptops.. But if you truly want to pay rock bottom, wait until late summer or the holidays.

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