Easley Judge Resigns, Accuses Police Of “Violating The Law”

 An Easley municipal court judge has resigned after he claimed the police department refused to provide him with important documents he needed to make decisions on bonds and warrants.

Judge Christopher L. McFarlin sent his resignation letter to Mayor Larry Bagwell on May 6. In his letter, McFarlin accuses the police department of “choosing to ignore criminal procedure….” and “violating the law.”

McFarlin, who was sworn into office in February, wrote that the problem has “revealed a more serious underlying problem….” and a “lack of leadership and impartiality within the court.”

“If this is true, we’ll see what we need to do about it legally,” said Bagwell. “If he [McFarlin] hadn’t been getting them and if he should be getting them then we will correct that.”

Under state law, judges are required to review incident reports when determining whether to grant someone bond. 

Bagwell said there are three other judges and none have ever complained about problems with either the court or police department. 

In a phone interview Monday afternoon, Police Chief Danny Traber said the first he heard of any problems was when Bagwell told him McFarlin resigned. 

Bagwell said he will meet with the police department and McFarlin to determine how to remedy the issue.

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