Bear Spotted At Clemson University

Bear Spotted At Clemson University (Image 1)

Lions and tigers and bears…oh my! Well, at least two out of the three.

Wednesday, officials at Clemson University sent out a campus alert to students and staff stating a black bear has been spotted on the tiger town campus.

The alert said the bear was seen near Thornhill Village and Calhoun Courts around 1 p.m. Students were told to take shelter and call 911 if they saw the bear.

Clemson DNR’s Wildlife Biologist, Tammy Wactor, says this is the time of year where you could spot more black bears across the Upstate.

“This is the fringe of their habitat. They do get up and move this time of year,” said Wactor.

She says young bears are kicked out by the mothers during early spring to make room for new cubs. They have to search for the best food they can find.

“Sometimes they get attracted to an area by outdoor food sources. Things like pet food or bird feeders and they end up in places they shouldn’t be,” she said.

Wactor says this can happen across the upstate, so don’t feed the bears and keep your pet food inside. If you see a bear, don’t panic. Just yell.

“If you give them an opportunity, they are going to get away from you,” said Wactor.

Most importantly, call you local DNR office so they can keep tabs on where it’s going next.

DNR says black bears are the only type of bear you will see in South Carolina. They are the largest land animal in the state, but they are not predatory.


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