Spectacle in the Sky Draws Thousands to Anderson Co.

Spectacle in the Sky Draws Thousands to Anderson Co. (Image 1)

A day full of planes, helicopters and skydivers wrapped up at the Anderson Regional Airport show Wednesday evening.

Crowds wrapped around planes and helicopters of all shapes and sizes. Even the grey, cloudy skies over Anderson, couldn’t keep thousands of visitors from zooming into the show.

The fun took off with smaller planes leading the show. The main event, the Royal Canadian Snowbird, didn’t hit the skies until later in the evening. But cars lined the highway and airport borders to wait hours to see the big high-flying show.

“The formations, the stunts, the way the fly and to just watch them and see how they do,” said Brian Bentley. “It’s a fun, clean afternoon to spend with my family.”

Army planes, Korean war aircrafts and even the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office helicopter were scattered throughout the airport for visitors to climb aboard.

The fun was not only to be had down on the ground. Thrill seekers lined up all day to get a bird’s eye view of the air show and Anderson on board the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation’s “Sky Soldiers” helicopter.

Several people also went up in a small plane for a quick trip around the airport. For Conner Bentley, it was the best part of the day with his family. “It feels like I was flying on the couch,” Conner said.

But for a 90-year-old veteran flying just isn’t enough. To end the air show Wednesday night on a high note, one WWII veteran, Richard Willis, jumped out of a plane in front of the masses. They’re raising money to improve quality of life for veterans.

“That’s a caterpillar pin. You can’t get those unless you bail to save your life,” added Willis said ahead of the flight. “I may have to bail out of this one!”

Anderson county organizers are hoping to make next year’s show a full weekend event.

To find out more about The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation and Sky Soldiers, click HERE.

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