Spartanburg Driver Has A Gun Pulled On Him While Driving To Work.

Ex-South Carolina Deputy Charged In Fatal Shooting Of Wife (Image 1)

Yesterday a Spartanburg Police officer was sent to a vehicle disturbance with a weapon.

Mr. Scott Robertson told the officer he was driving to work in his Mr. Rooter van on Howard Street in Spartanburg. He turned right onto Chapel Street and when he came to the intersection an older, green Mazda or Toyota truck pulled up beside him.

Robertson said there were two younger black males inside the truck. He said that the passenger had a ball cap pulled low over his eyes and he couldn’t make out any physical characteristics.

He also said the driver had a fade haircut and he was the one talking to him out of the passenger side window. He said the driver pulled a dark colored handgun and pointed it out the window towards him and told him to pull over.

Robertson ducked down inside the van and heard a loud pop. He said, as he sat up in his seat again he saw a surprised look on both the driver and passengers faces, and then they sped up and headed onto Asheville Highway.

Mr. Robertson said he then pulled off to the side of the road and saw that the back passenger window of his work van was shattered. He drove the van to work to drop it off, got into his personal vehicle and drove to City Hall to file a report.

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