Pendleton Approves Budget For A New Police Department

Pendleton Approves Budget For A New Police Department (Image 1)

    Today our coverage partners at the independent Mail confirmed big things are happening in Pendleton.             

    The Pendleton Town Council approved a $4.2 million budget for next year.   

    That covers the cost of starting up a new police department and beginning a five year overhaul of the sewer plant.

    The new police department won’t be up and running for several months. 

    Town Administrator, Steve Miller, has said a police chief should be in place by this fall, but that person will need several months to review town ordinances, develop operational rules and determine equipment and manpower needs.

    As for the sewer plant, work will include updating sensors and control panels as well as replacing pumps and shelters to better protect the plant’s equipment.

    It is expected to cost $1.9 million to fix up the plant between now and 2020.

    There won’t be any millage hike but the sewer fees, water hookups and usage fees will go up $2-$3 per month to pay Pendleton’s share of the cost.

    Also the town’s monthly sanitation fee is going up from $2 per month to $10 and buck container customers will pay an extra $10 per month.

    Mayor Frank Crenshaw told the council he is close to working out a deal with the city of Clemson and other municipalities to keep Clemson Area Transit (CAT) coverage throughout the town.

    It would take the place of the old 4U route that was phased out last year by the Anderson county Council.

    The town council also gave Serrus Capital approval to begin the design work for The Falls at Meehan, the complex will feature 92 single, 166 two-bedroom and 26 three-bedroom units for 17 acres behind Tri-County College’s parking lot on Mechanic Street.

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