Police Ask for New Tips in Cold Case of Murdered Greenville Teen

Police Ask for New Tips in Cold Case of Murdered Greenville Teen (Image 1)

Nearly five months after a teen was murdered on a trail behind his apartment complex, Greenville Police were back at the scene looking for answers.

Police handed out free gun locks and flyers with Cobey Smith’s face on them at Heritage Apartment Complex in Nicholtown on Tuesday.

They hope it will encourage people who live there to come forward with information.

The 16-year-old was shot to death the night of Jan. 25, on Sliding Rock Creek Trail behind Sterling School, right by the apartment complex.

“We don’t want people to forget about it, because it’s easy to forget unless there’s media coverage and us out here actually doing the door-to-door and talking to the community,” said Greenville Police spokesman Office Johnathan Bragg.

He said the biggest challenge for solving cold cases like this one is that people just aren’t coming forward with tips.

“A lot of people are resistant to come forward with information, just afraid of retaliation, or snitching or something like that,” said Bragg.

David Clement said he gets it. He lives at Heritage Apartments and grew up in Nicholtown.

“As I grew up, ‘See nothing, say nothing,’ you know? It’s a street code,” said Clement. “I think now as the world’s turning, we need to say more as we hear more.”

Now that he’s a father, it’s a message he passes on to his 10-year-old daughter.

“I make sure she communicates with the law. If something’s wrong, let them know. Don’t be scared like I was when I was growing up,” said Clement.

And he said the community is going to have to step up and speak out if whoever killed Cobey, so close to where he and his little girl sleep, is going to be caught.

Cobey was a freshman at Wade Hampton High School. The coroner said he was shot multiple times and was already dead when EMS got to him.

One of the messages police were pushing Tuesday is that people can anonymously report their tips to Crime Stoppers by calling 23-CRIME.

Since its inception, Greenville Crime Stoppers has helped solve about 9,000 cases and put 3,500 people behind bars.


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