Spartanburg Man Charged After Impersonating An Officer

Spartanburg Man Charged After Impersonating An Officer (Image 1)

A Spartanburg County man was arrested after deputies tell us, he impersonated an officer and pulled out a handgun at a bar Saturday around 8 p.m.

According to the incident report, a Spartanburg County deputy arrived at the bar after receiving a call about a man with a firearm.

The suspect was later identified as 56-year-old Terry Cannon.

The bar manager explained to Officer Byrd that he approached a man who was acting disorderly and asked him to leave the bar. The report says that the suspect showed a law enforcement badge and said that he would arrest everyone in the bar.

In the report, the manager called the police once the suspect walked out to his car and grabbed a gun.

When Officer Byrd arrived to the bar he went up to the suspect and saw that he was heavily intoxicated. Officer Byrd asked the man if he had any weapons on him and he replied no.

Officer Byrd says that the suspect gave him permission to search him for a handgun and that is when he found a small loaded 32 caliber pistol and extra ammo in his right pants pocket.

The suspect told Officer Byrd that he did not have a SC Concealed Weapons Permit.

The incident report says that once the suspect was placed under arrest, Officer Byrd searched his car and found handcuffs, a handcuff key, and a SC Constable key chain badge.

The suspect was taken to Spartanburg County jail and then taken to Spartanburg Regional due to his intoxicated condition.

Cannon was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and impersonation of a law enforcement officer.

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