Confederate Museum Director: Roof’s Visit/Picture Not Connected To Charleston Killings

Roof's Name In Visitor Log Book

At the Museum and Library of Confederate History in Greenville, among thousands of signatures in the visitor’s log book – one stands out. On May 10th, Dylann Roof was a visitor here.

He’s accused of killing nine people at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston Wednesday night.

The FBI is investigating what appears to be Roof’s online manifesto that expresses a hatred for blacks, hispanics, and jews.

Also in it – a picture of Roof visiting this greenville museum.

Executive Director Mike Couch says he was there that day but doesn’t remember Roof.

“There’s thousands of pictures made in front of this museum, has nothing to do with what happened in Charleston,” Couch explained. “That was an act by a disturbed young man.”

Couch says it’s unfortunate that people are making the connection to them and that they and the flag have been pulled into the debate.

“It was not an official flag of the Confederacy,” he said. “When I see the flag, I think of my ancestors who fought under that flag. I had three great great grandfathers that died fighting under that flag, not a single one of them owned slaves.”

Couch says the flag and this museum are about history, not hate.

Roof's Name In Visitor Log Book
Roof’s Name In Visitor Log Book

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