One Ring Phone Scam Making Comeback

An old phone scam is making a comeback. You hear is one ring, get a missed call, and when you call back you get charged.

We spoke to a Spartanburg woman who fell for it.

“I called back. That’s what you normally do, right?,” said Lana Zattman.

She told us when she pressed redial she got connected to someone who sounded like a foreign telemarketer.

“A month later I got the phone bill and then the phone bill was a service charge fee and it was like $5 extra,”

It could have been more, but she only stayed on a short while.

Many of these calls come from the Caribbean, area codes that don’t look long distance, but are. And those callers don’t abide by US law.

Better Business Bureau reports there are 5 area codes that have been used to perpetrate this ploy:


The criminals behind these calls will often sign you up for bogus cramming charges. So you’ll want to check your bill for odd fees with names like “special services,” “calling plan,” or “internet advertising.”

If you’re curious, try googling the number before you call back. And nowadays your phone can play a big part in curbing any scam calls.

“Especially in the last 2-3 months I have probably blocked 30 calls,” said Renee Tuite in Spartanburg.

She showed us how easy it is on her iPhone to stop unwanted calls by going into settings.

“I think that’s what’s helped slow the calls down because I have blocked so many numbers. ”

Of course the best protection is not calling back at all. If it’s important, they’ll leave you a message.

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