Ben Carson : Confederate Flag Debate Goes “Off The Deep End”

Ben Carson Confederate Flag

Republican Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson told supporters at a Spartanburg restaurant “the whole argument about the Confederate flag has sort of gone off the deep end”.

Carson visited the lunch crowd at Wade’s restaurant while making several campaign stops around South Carolina, including a visit later in the week to Emanuel AME church in Charleston.

One of the supporters greeting Carson, who said he had narrowed his preference to Carson or Donald Trump was wearing a hat with the Confederate battle flag on it.  Carson said he wasn’t bothered by it.

“I think his hat is fine,” Carson said, “I can understand why people may not want it on a federal building or federal property but now we’ve turned it into an argument of political correctness.”

Carson also called on lawmakers to consider a constitutional amendment that would “define marriage”.

“I think the Supreme Court way overstepped it’s boundaries. I wish they would read the Constitution because it talks about civil issues and why they should be remanded to the state court system because you can’t have a bunch of unelected people telling the people how they should behave themselves,” Carson said.

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