7 Greatest Performances of Our National Anthem


The United States celebrates its 239th anniversary of its declaration of independence from Great Britain on Saturday, July 4th. Here are some of the greatest performances of the Star-Spangled Banner, which has been our nation’s national anthem since 1931

Marlana Van Hoose at the 2015 NBA Finals: Van Hoose, a blind teenager, has achieved fame for her beautiful voice, and she recently sang the Star-Spangled Banner before Game 6 of this year’s NBA Finals in Cleveland, in which the Golden State Warriors clinched the NBA title.


Slash on guitar at Dodger Stadium in 2009: The former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist performed the National Anthem before a National League playoff game in 2009 in Los Angeles


Man with Down’s Syndrome at Fenway Park in Boston in 2014: Mike Mullins, a man with Down’s Syndrome, performed the Star-Spangled Banner at his favorite team’s ballpark in Boston.


Jennifer Hudson at Super Bowl XLIII in 2009


Lady Antebellum at the 2010 World Series in San Francisco.


Whitney Houston at Super Bowl XXV in 1991


Jimi Hendrix on guitar at Woodstock in 1969: The most famous moment at the most famous music festival in history

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