Car Wrap Scam Targets People In Upstate

A check scam is targeting people in the upstate and it’s one that you may not have heard of before. The scammer claims they’re with a big name company. They want you to wrap your car and in exchange for the advertising, you get a nice check. The only problem, it’s a fraud.

Elaine Craig in Grey Court got an email offering a weekly payment if she agreed to wrap her car in the Monster Energy company logo.

“An extra $300 a week doesn’t hurt, you know, I’ve been out of work for a while. Seemed like a great idea,” said Craig.

Then she got the first of two checks in the mail. The only thing was, it was $2100 over. She was told to wire the rest to an address in Kentucky to pay the car wrap company.

“red flag, instantaneously,” she said.

She googled the address and found this warning online. Then she reached out to Monster who confirmed, it’s a scam. She reported it to several agencies and called us so we could warn you.

One of the best ways to verify that a check is real is to call the bank listed on the document. When Craig did that, she found out that the Federal Credit Union’s checks she got are not blue, they’re burgundy.

The scammers didn’t know what a fighter Craig is.

But it’s Craig who has the last word. And as much as she loves the new Camero she might have wrapped, she’s glad she didn’t cash those checks, or she jokes, she’d be living in it.

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