How To Find Out If SC Owes You Money: Search Here

South Carolina’s Unclaimed Property Program now sits at $464 million. We hit the streets of Downtown Greenville Friday to see if we could find someone who was owed any of that money.

After about 15 minutes of checking names, we found a match.

“That’s amazing,” said Connie Ashburn who learned she’s due more than $100.

The money in SC Unclaimed Property comes from things like dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks and forgotten utility deposits.

Some accounts date back as far as the 1940s.

Cynthia Lee told us she recently found out she was owed from an old bank account.

“I checked my social security number and sure enough I had like you know $158 in there,” said Lee.

In North Carolina, the Unclaimed Property Fund is $438 million.

Ronnie Johnson, visiting from Charlotte, found out about it a couple years ago.

“They sent us probably 4 or $5,000,” said Johnson. “We weren’t even expecting it.”

There’s also no time limit to claim your funds.

To see if you’re owed any money, you can search your name, a family member’s name or your business.

To search in SC, click here.

To search in NC, click here.

To search a national database, click here.

It’s also important to prevent your money from ending up as unclaimed cash.

The SC Treasurer’s Office says don’t delay when cashing checks for dividends, wages and insurance settlements.

And if you move, notify businesses where you have accounts, of your new address.

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