“Mean And Vicious” Pit Bulls Attack 75 Year-Old Woman

A 75 year-old woman was attacked by three pit bulls while walking down the street with her friend in Anderson County on July 2nd.

According to the report, an officer went to Osborne Avenue to find the victim lying on the road with blood covering her legs, arms and back.

She said she and her friend were walking down the street when three dogs attacked them out of nowhere. The women said they defended themselves with umbrellas and sticks, but the dogs kept attacking.

The woman’s friend began screaming for help as she made her way down the road and into her house to call 911.

Officer Lawrence found the dogs and their owner, Tavon Morton, located on the same street and loaded the animals onto the City Animal Control Truck where they will stay for ten days. According to the report, only one of the dogs was up to date on its shots but the other two were not.

Based on the report, the Animal Shelter reported that one of the dogs was involved in another attack back in February for running at large by City Police.

The owner of the dog will be charged with two counts of Inoculation For Rabies, three counts of Mean and Vicious Dogs, and three counts of Dog Running At Large.  The fine is $1,092.50 per count per fine.

The victim was taken to AnMed by EMS yesterday and was released today.

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