Shark Hunter Offers Advice On Steering Clear of Shark Encounters In The Water

Shark Hunter Mike Popovich (in the center of the picture) hunts for sharks in the Charleston area – he says they never hunt when swimmers are in the water! And he says you should avoid being around people fishing from shore, if you plan to get in the water.

He says they have the best luck hunting shark before sunrise and after dusk and especially when the tide is coming in and has just switched direction. He says these are definitely times you want to stay out of the water.

He says swimming with shiny items on you is a major mistake – like jewelry or glittering bathing suits.

LISTEN below for other important tips and learn about the program he and some other shark hunters would like to start – to tag the smaller sharks that come close to swimmers. They always catch the sharks and release them, so he says it makes sense to tag them while they have the opportunity. They are crowdfunding to get it started.
Learn more about the program

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