Representatives Pray Ahead of Confederate Flag Debate

Lawmakers Pray for Confederate Flag Debate

Will the confederate flag stay or will it go? South Carolina lawmakers are preparing for that big debate this week.

The discussion on the confederate flag’s future on State house grounds kicks off monday.

“Cover all our lawmakers, Lord.” A prayer was said over Upstate legislators Sunday.
The South Carolina representatives joined hand in hand in prayer. They ask for peace and clarity as they prepare to debate the next steps for the confederate flag.

“Hopefully we can get through this in a very civil way this coming week and I thought what a beautiful way to begin the process,” Representative Mike Burns said.

Representative Chandra Dillard, Mike Burns and Bill Chumley were just some who prayed with Upstate group “Put Down the Guns Young People” led by Jack Logan. Burns says it was important for them to do that ahead of the discussion to be watched nationwide.

“It’s going to be a unique week in our country, not just here in South Carolina to watch this unfold. I hope we do it in as good a manner as those in Charleston in their grief and loss of their loved ones.”

“Prayer is the answer to all of this,” added Representative Chumley. “So, I wanted to be a part of it.”

Logan says he called on the lawmakers to pray Sunday for their protection, after he found out Saturday state investigators began looking into possibly threatening e-mails sent to lawmakers ahead of the debate.

“I ask anyone not to display violence at any of these lawmakers for their decisions. This is only one symbol,” explained Logan. “We have many laws on the book that could be debated. And please don’t forget about those 9 people that were gunned down in that church.”

“Pray for all 169 legislators protection to and from and that while we’re there that there will be clarity and God will be with us.”

Burns and Logan say after the debate begins Monday the lawmakers will continue their prayer until the state decides where the confederate flag will be flying.

Governor Haley called for the confederate flag’s removal from state house grounds after 9 people were killed in a historically black church in Charleston.
The flag was moved to a pole by a monument to confederate soldiers after a 2000 compromise that removed it from the statehouse dome.

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