Florida Man Dies From Spear-Fishing Injuries

Jarrod Ditmars was seriously injured Sunday in a spear fishing diving accident. (Photo Courtesy of WFLA)

A Sarasota man was removed from life support Wednesday due to injuries he sustained in a weekend fishing accident.  He was shot in the head with a spear gun on Saturday afternoon.  Jarrod Ditmars and his friend Dale Bartush were spearfishing near the Ringling bridge when Bartush’s spear gun accidentally went off, and the spear thrust itself right through Ditmars’ head.

Wednesday afternoon, Jarrod’s parents, Robert and Maribeth Ditmars released this statement to the media.

Statement from the parents of Jarrod Ditmars:

July 8, 2015

As the parents of Jarrod Ditmars, we would like to thank the community of Sarasota and surrounding areas for their kind, caring and compassionate support of our family during this tragic time. We will never forget what you did for our family (and his brother Chris in 2001).

Jarrod was removed from life support today and departed for heaven. 

There are three recipients in Florida who will receive Jarrod’s organs.

We ask that everyone join us in our campaign to create safety measures, and appropriate regulations for the use of spear guns.

That is how we can all honor Jarrod’s memory.

The family has also set up a Gofundme account to raise money for medical and funeral expenses, and its already raised more than $5,000

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