Homeowners Charging for Clemson Game Day Parking Could Become Legal

A game changer for Clemson’s parking could be coming ahead of football season.

Clemson Planning Commission approved a recommendation to the city council that would allow residential game day parking.
Zoning and Code administrator Todd Steadman says he presented a list of rules for the proposal at a meeting Monday night.

Steadman says for years, residents have been renting out their homes and parking spaces outside of their homes during Clemson’s football season, illegally. The biggest problem has been bad neighbors, leaving trash around. He says this recommendation would make the rentals legal and set rules to keep the city clean.

“The lots are full, everyone is out here with signs trying to sell parking, “ said John Mackowiak, Clemson Senior.

Steadman researched the prices for these types of rentals. He says some homeowners are renting their homes out for $500/800 on game nights.
He says parking spaces are going anywhere from $25 to $50. Some homeowners are selling more than 80 spots, collecting $25-35,000 dollars a football season.

“Oh yeah, you can get your utilities and rent paid for,” Mackowiak added. “ I have friends who don’t have to pay for housing for the fall because of parking.”

If the recommendation is approved, police will be cracking down on the parking rules, including parking on sidewalks. Steadman says EMS has had trouble in the past driving down crowded roads on game days.
The city council needs to ratify the recommendation before it can take effect. They will hold a public hearing July 20th at 6:30 p.m.

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