PICS: Rare Addax Birth at Rolling Hills Zoo

Addax Slideshow

SALINA, Kansas – A rare birth at Rolling Hills Zoo on Sunday was followed by an even more rare result.

On Sunday, Aameria, a critically endangered Addax antelope, went into labor. General Curator Peter Burvenich tells our news partner KSAL News that the birth was relatively normal, until a second set of hooves appeared. Aameria surprisingly, and unexpectedly, gave birth to male / female twins.

Burvenich says that Aameria was a little bigger than usual during her pregnancy, but there was no reason to believe that she was expecting twins. “Twins in hoof-stock, particularly a species like an Addax, are very rare,” he said.

Twins in this species are so rare, that the chances of having them are astronomical against it. Zoo staff did some research, and found out that the chances of an Addax having twins were less than a half percent. “We believe that there was a 0.4 percent chance of twins,” Burvenich said.

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