SC Reps Propose Amendments to Flag Bill

The House is in session today to debate the issue of the Confederate flag flying in front of the Statehouse.

If the House accepts the Senate’s bill to take the flag down, the bill could arrive on Gov. Nikki Haley’s desk by the end of the week.

Many Republicans have offered amendments to the bill, proposing the replacement of the flag with other symbols of Southern heritage or the Confederacy.

There are currently 119 Representatives present today at the House of Representatives.

We will keep you updated on the proposed amendments by each Representative, and their standing in the House.

UPDATE (12:33 p.m.) – 23 Amendments have been added to the desk.

Amendment 1 – Laurens Rep. Mike Pitts

The first amendment to the Confederate Flag Bill serves to “repurpose the decorative iron fence surrounding the flagpole on the south side of the Confederate Soldier monument as a memorial to the late Stand Waite, Chief of the Cherokee Nation and Civil War soldier for the Confederate States of America with the rank of Brigadier General.”

Amendment fails with 29-90 vote.

Amendment 28 – Laurens Rep. Mike Pitts

After Amendments 2-27 were removed, the House moved on to Amendment 28 which would remove the flag from the flag pole, and move it to “an appropriate display case that will permanently encase the South Carolina Infantry Battle Flag” on the grounds of the State Capital Complex.

Amendment is tabled with 90-27 vote.

Amendment 29 – Laurens Rep. Mike Pitts

Amendment 29 would serve to plant Yellow Jasmine, the state flower, where the flag pole would be removed from.

Amendment is tabled with 92-23 vote.

Amendment 30 – Laurens Rep. Mike Pitts

This amendment would call to erect a granite monument with a bronze casting of the South Carolina Infantry Regiment Flag in the place of the flag.

Amendment is tabled with 81-36 vote.

UPDATE (2:09 p.m.) – The House has broke for recess until 3:30 p.m.

Amendments 31 and 32 were deemed out of order and therefore removed.

Amendment 33 – Laurens Rep. Mike Pitts, Aiken Rep. Bill Taylor, Lexington Rep. McLain R. “Mac” Toole, and Anderson Rep. Joshua A. Putnam

This amendment would allow the general public to vote on whether or not the Confederate flag should be removed from it’s current location at the Confederate Soldier Monument.

Amendment is tabled with 71-48 vote.

Amendments 34-39 were passed over.

Amendment 40 was ruled out of order.

Amendment 41 was tabled by a voice vote.

Amendment 42-56 have been ruled out of order.

Amendment 57 has been withdrawn.

The South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum must maintain an appropriate, permanent, and public displace honoring SC soldiers killed during the Civil War.

Amendment 58 has been passed over.

This amendment would replace the Confederate Flag with the South Carolina State Flag of January 28, 1861.

Amendment 59 – York Rep. J. Gary Simrill, Chester Rep. F. Gregory Delleney Jr., York Rep. Thomas Pope, Greenville Rep. Eric M. Bedingfield, Spartanburg Rep. Merita A. Allison, York Rep. Raye Felder, Lexington Rep. Ralph Shealy Kennedy Jr., Cherokee Rep. V. Stephen Moss, Aiken Rep. Bill Taylor, Aiken Rep. Don L. Wells

This amendment would replace the Confederate Flag with the First South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment Flag. The Confederate Flag would be moved to the relic room and the Relic Room must maintain “an appropriate, permanent, and public display honoring South Carolina soldiers killed during the Civil War.”



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