NAACP Ends Boycott of South Carolina

The NAACP announced Saturday it will lift its 15 year boycott of South Carolina one day after taking down the Confederate flag outside the Statehouse.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The NAACP has passed a resolution lifting its 15-year economic boycott of South Carolina, a day after that state took down a Confederate battle flag flying near its Statehouse.

The civil rights group approved the measure Saturday at its national convention in Philadelphia to end the boycott of tourism and other economic activity.

The boycott began in 2000 during debate over the flying of the Confederate flag atop South Carolina’s Statehouse dome.

The boycott continued after it was moved to a flagpole on Statehouse grounds.

The flag’s removal comes weeks after the shooting deaths of nine people in a historically black church in Charleston.

Police have charged a man shown in pictures with the flag, who they say was motivated by hate.

Flag supporters remain, saying it symbolizes Southern heritage.

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