SC Woman Attacked, Beaten By Man After Refusing His Advances

Michelle Runde

FOLLY BEACH, SC – A woman is recovering from an assault over the weekend and a man is in custody according to sources close to the investigation.

WCBD sat down with the victim to find out more about her story. Michelle Runde was out with her boyfriend and several others in Folly Beach when a night out turned violent. Runde said she was attacked by a man when she denied his advances. “It came out of nowhere from what I am told,” said Michelle Runde.

The 28-year-old does not remember much from that night and has had to put together the story from what friends told her, “he swung at me and I fell into him then he picked me up and like threw me on the ground in the road and I was just knocked out,” said Runde, “everyone thought I was dead.”

Michelle was unresponsive when she was transported to MUSC to be treated. “Waking up in the hospital not knowing whats going on in the ICU with breathing tube down your throat that’s already uncomfortable,” said Runde, “then realizing how messed up your face is and how much pain you’re in and not knowing how you got there or what happened.”

Michelle said she is sharing her story so others will follow suit and not be afraid to speak up. “Tell girls you’re doing the right thing for standing up for yourself because if you’re not standing up for yourself most people aren’t gonna stand up for you” said Runde, “the detective told me there were a ton of people standing around and only one person made a statement – I couldn’t make a statement I was unconscious.”

Michelle’s friends took to social media, tweeting out pictures of the woman after she was attacked outside a bar at Folly Beach early Saturday morning.

The Folly Beach Police Department says the incident started on one corner of Center Street and escalated with two different groups.

Detectives have identified a suspect but have not confirmed if one is in custody.

They have not released the identity of the suspect.


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