Wendy’s Worker Delivers Baby in Parking Lot


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Folks at the downtown Wendy’s delivered much more than just juicy hamburgers Friday. One employee actually delivered a baby in the fast food restaurant’s parking lot.

According to Barbara Umlor, the restaurant’s general manager, it began around 1:40 when a man came inside and asked to use the phone.

“He said he didn’t know what to do,” Umlor told NewsChannel 15. The man’s niece was going into labor. “He said that her water had broke and the baby was on the way.”

So the manager called 911 and sent her most experienced mom – Shanetta Stewart – out to help. In just a few minutes, the little girl was born.

“At first I thought it was a joke,” Stewart said. “That was until I saw people running out the door. When I got out there, I saw a woman in a lot of pain.”

Stewart said she doesn’t have any medical training, but as a mother of six, she knew what to do.

“I said on the next contraction I said push,” said Stewart after she and some others got the expecting mother more comfortable in the vehicle. “She did that and the baby’s head came out. I said if you have another contraction, just push again. I’m not sure she had another contraction or not but that baby was out.”

Other Wendy’s workers brought out towels to clean the baby up. By then, police and an ambulance had arrived.

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