Clemson Game-Day Traffic Could Ease Up

You may have even more of a reason to get out and cheer on the Clemson Tigers at a home game this year. The University has a plan to fix the snarling traffic frustrations this football season.

Death Valley may be bare bones now, but every Clemson fan knows, come football season, the tigers take over. “It’s a little hectic but man, during the game day, leading up to the game and after, it’s a lot of fun,” said Nate Hardy, Clemson Football fan.

Once the final whistle is blown, fans say you could be sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours.

“It’s crazy around here on game day,” added Hardy. “Around here, you better plan to have some food after the game and hang around.”

Hardy says he and his family can’t pass up a whole football season without cheering on the Tigers from the stands. They do everything they can to avoid getting held up in the jam. “We usually try to stay for about 3 to 4 hours and tailgate so we don’t get involved in the traffic.”

Clemson police say each year, more and more fans are coming out to root on the purple and orange.

So they’re working with the university, to find ways to ease the post game grid lock.

One of plans is to cut off College Avenue at 93, so that drivers don’t get hung up at the intersection. Traffic would be directed with fewer flows to keep cars moving.

“This is a really bad stretch on game day period. So that would probably alleviate some traffic,” Hardy explained.

Police say the ideas came from a Clemson traffic study, after an emergency detour at a home game last year lightened the traffic load. Those plans were presented to the city to work out before the tigers hit the field.

Hardy says he’s hopeful the University has found a long term solution. If not, he has a plan of his own. “Encourage Clemson as a team to win early. You know what I mean? Really get the game out of hand. That way fans leave early, that’d pretty much all you can do.”

If the plan is approved by the city, pre-game traffic would stay the same. Clemson police say there will be several more post-game changes announced closer to the kick-off of football season.

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