Deputies: Gaffney Man Charged With Explosion Possibly Connected To Others

Jeffrey Dean Daily
Jeffrey Dean Daily

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office have arrested a man accused of setting off an explosive at a car wash in Gaffney.

Jeffrey Dean Daily was arrested on the morning of July 17 shortly after he left his home to go to work. During his arrest, deputies say they found methamphetamine and hydrocodone in the suspect’s car.

An explosive device was also found in his car that was similar to the one investigators believe was used in the car wash explosion at Oasis Car Wash on Ruppe Drive on July 6. The explosive went off and damaged a wall at that business. Investigators say they found debris from the explosion up to 200 feet away in neighboring yards.

Sheriff Steve Mueller said the device that they found “could have easily killed someone.”

The Cherokee Co. Sheriff’s Office says that they are investigating into whether Daily has any connection to a series of explosions that have happened recently in Spartanburg and Cherokee Counties as well as in North Carolina.

Sheriff Mueller said they do not know Daily’s direct motives but believe that he was getting “braver.”

Daily has a very limited criminal background and is an electrician.

He is charged with causing an explosion that damaged a building or persons, possession manufacturing of explosive damage/injury or death, two charges of possession of a controlled substance, burglary 2nd degree and malicious injury to real property greater than $10,000.

More charges could be filed against Daily in the next couple weeks as more details emerge.

Daily is being held at the Cherokee County Detention Center. Bond was denied on four of the five charges he faces.





Reporting by Laura Thomas, Kristy Charles

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