Spin for Vanessa


HUB Fitness will be having a fundraising event to help benefit Vanessa Gordon and her family on August 1. Vanessa is a local resident who was in a terrible accident in early June. Her husband, Jason, is a Fitness Coach at HUB Fitness and Vanessa is a Nurse. Vanessa was assisting someone who had been in an accident when another car crashed into her, crushing her from her pelvis down. She has faced numerous surgeries and is out of work for awhile as she recuperates. The Travelers Rest Community wants to honor and bless this special family and help them financially as they adjust to their new “normal”!

The fundraiser is called “SPIN for Vanessa” and it is a 12-hour Spin-A-Thon! We are selling 1/2 hour segments at a suggested donation of $10 per half hour. You can spin as many hours as you want, and you can get sponsors, if you would like to get others involved, too! You MUST sign up for a cycle (they are limited) at http://www.hub-fitnessTR.com. You can print out the sponsorship forms and a flyer to help promote it on our website, as well!

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