Back To School Sales: Should You Shop Now?

Still feel likes summer, but back to school sales have already begun.
The question is, is now the time to buy?

Kristy Anderson, a mother of six knows from experience…

“If you go too late the supplies are gone,” she said.

But even she was surprised to find some great deals right now.

“17 cents for those notebooks, that’s a bargin,” she said, referring to the notebooks on sale at Target.

Still, price trackers at Dealnews say the rule of thumb: Save your receipt. Sure, things like backpacks may be $5 off this week, but you could very well see better deals in the weeks to come.

Some stores like Best Buy time out their discounts with the tax free holiday, which in SC is August 7-9.

“You’ll actually be able to double up on some of those deals. Obviously we’re going to get the tax off of those items, local and state sales tax. But then you’ll be able to compound some of those deals that we’re having on specific items inside the store to give you the best bang for your buck,” said Ryan Gentry with Best Buy in Spartanburg.

By the way, we learned if you’re a student with a “.edu” email address, you can get even bigger savings at Best Buy. Sign up online and get emails with coupons like $100 of a Macbook.

Now when it comes to deals on clothes, your best bet is to wait until the end of the summer on the light stuff and for the fall clothes, even longer. But do check the flyers. We found out next week Target’s going to be having a deal on jeans and other retailers are sure to follow.

Also look for penny saver sales at stores like Staples and Office Depot which look to lure in customers with select items for just a penny.

So while you may still be in the summer mindset, start comparison shopping online and checking those flyers now. You may find, you don’t have to wait to save.

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