You Can Swim With A Tiger Cub at a FL Zoo

You can swim with Luna, a white tiger cub, at Dade City’s Wild Things.

This beautiful white tiger cub is named Luna, and you can swim with her. “Tigers are known as the best swimmers of all the big cats,” Dade City’s Wild Things says on its website. Tigers’ feet are similar to flippers because they have webbing between their toes, according to the zoo.

Wild Things is offering visitors the opportunity to swim with Luna. “We found that, in the water, people and tigers were on a more equal footing when the tiger is swimming. We can manipulate them more easily as they are floating,” the zoo says.

Young tigers love taking baths, according to Wild Things, and the animals are introduced to the pool because the water helps with medical treatment and examinations. During a tiger swimming excursion, participants help train the cub. You can actually serve as the trainer’s assistant, teaching the tigers to ignore distractions.

It costs $200 per person – or $700 for a family of four – to swim with the tigers. The zoo also offers visitors the chance to swim with an alligator. “Learn all about the gators that live naturally in our Florida ecosystem. You will walk away with a love and better understanding of these awesome animals and memories for a lifetime,” Wild Things says on its website.

Learn more about both swimming experiences here. You can enter to win a family swim. Submit a video of you and your family at Dade City’s Wild Things. Go here for details.

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