Flag For Hope Stops In Greenville

Flag For Hope In Greenville

A national movement to inspire unity made its way to Greenville Sunday.

The Flag For Hope is an effort to get 5,000 handprints to create the American flag.

People came by Noma Square Sunday morning in downtown Greenville to leave their mark.

Marcos Antonio, the artist behind the idea, is documenting the whole thing with a photo and film clip of each person that takes part.

He and a group of volunteers began the effort on Memorial Day. The goal is to visit 60 cities by September 11th, ending at the Freedom Tower in New York City.

With so many acts of violence in the news recently, organizers hope to bring people together to make the country a better place.

“A lot of folks came from all over the world to create America. A great country,” said Antonio. “The best country in the world. I think a lot of americans should go to other countries to see how good this country is.”

Flag For Hope is part of a global effort that Antonio started in 2009. His goal for the Impressions of Humanity project is to get one million hand impressions around the world.

Below is the schedule for the group’s Sunday visit in Greenville.

Noma Square:



The Children’s Museum of Greenville:


Wade Hampton Fire Department:

33 Pine Knoll Drive, Greenville


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