Thrift Store Benefiting Children With Cancer Hosts Re-Opening

Carol's Hope Thrift Store

Allison Dominick takes pride in manning the register at Carol’s Hope Thrift Store in Boiling Springs.

She’s doing it for her son, Payton, who at 8 months old was diagnosed with cancer, stage three intermediate neuroblastoma.

It meant six rounds of chemotherapy, four major surgeries and endless trips to doctors.

Even now in remission those visits continue today.

“We do see a GI doctor in Charlotte. And his orthopedist is in Columbia,” said Dominick.

As if the cancer isn’t bad enough, Dominick says the cost associated with treatment and travel almost makes it impossible.

“It’s devastating because we were a two income family and I had to quit work,” said Dominick. “No matter what your income is as a family, this is a huge expense that is not expected.”

Carol’s Hope Thrift Store is aimed at helping with those expenses. Since Spring of 2014, Carol Moeller says the store has generated $58,000 for families.

“Goes directly to any cancer child that comes to us, that signs up for our program that are in Spartanburg and Cherokee counties,” said Moeller.

And the families appreciate every dollar.

At Saturday’s grand re-opening, even little ones who just got out of the hospital showed up to say thanks.

“You know when you make a purchase or you donate something, you’re helping the Paytons and the Naomis and the children in our program,” said Dominick.

And the children have big dreams beyond their cancer.

Payton wants to be an MRI doctor.

“Because they’re cool,” said the 7 year old.

If you’d like to donate your goods or shop there to help the cause, the store is located at 4141 Highway 9 in Boiling Springs.

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