Old Shed Set On Fire to Destroy Dynamite Found

Oconee County agencies were on scene at a property off of Doug Hollow Road in Seneca SC where a 20 lb. box of old dynamite was found inside an old work shed.

The Keowee Fire Department worked with the Anderson Bomb Squad to safely dispose of the danger. In order to safely remove the danger, explosives experts on scene advise to burn the small workshop down due to the age and unstableness of the dynamite.

“The bomb squad estimated that if could be from the 50’s, “ said Lake Keowee Fire Chief Richie Caudill. “So its been here a long long time. It was just in a very very poor state. In that condition it becomes very unstable.”

Residences in the immediate area 1500 ft from the workshop were asked to shelter in place by staying inside their homes.

“Dynamite can kill you. I could be smoking cigarettes .Anybody could be smoking cigarettes and just throw it out, the wind blows it and boom. Set the whole neighborhood on fire,” said Cleveland Williams. Williams works at the Lighthouse Restaurant right next door.

Once the dynamite was destroyed, area fire departments put the controlled fire out.

Fire Chief Caudill is quoted as saying, “this was a high risk low frequency event for us. Fortunately, we had the time to properly create a plan, organize resources, consult explosives experts, protect adjacent structures, and render the dynamite safe. I appreciate the overwhelming support from every agency who worked with us today.”

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