Spartanburg Co. Woman Arrested For Animal Cruelty

Stephanie Hudson has been issued warrants for 12 counts of animal cruelty

A woman is under arrest after she was issued 12 warrants from Spartanburg County Police for animal cruelty.

Stephanie Hudson, was arrested after 12 adult cats and 1 kitten were found living in her home covered in animal feces and garbage, according to an incident report.

The Environomental Enforcement Department responded to her home  located at 354 Miller Pointe Drive in Inman, SC.

Officers say the animals were in a fair condition, but they were covered in fleas, endured an obvious skin disorder, and some of the cats showed signs of an upper respiratory condition.

The remains of two kittens, less than a week old, were also found in the home, officers say. They were unable to determine how the kittens passed.

The cats were removed from the home and taken to Greenville County Animal Care.

Hudson’s home was condemned for being unfit for a human to live in.

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