Billboards, More Flyers to Help Find Missing Pendleton Baby


It’s been nearly two months since a Pendleton toddler disappeared from her home and Leaona Wright’s family is still searching for answers.

Wednesday night at 6:30, they are hitting the streets to hand out more fliers, pleading with the public to come forward with any information that may help.

“We want Leaona. Just please bring her home.” Almost two months later and Leaona Wright’s face and the tale of her disappearance is still being passed around Anderson.

but the missing Pendleton baby’s family and say it’s still not enough. The organization says they’re finding more ways to get answers on how and why she’s gone.

“We feel like you know, answers will be made eventually and we will not give up,” said Leaona’s aunt, Stanise Clinkscale. says they are now buying four billboards to put up throughout the Upstate and they’re reaching out to national missing children’s organizations for help. They aren’t yet sure where the billboards will go, but they believe they will help.

“Oh yeah, it would definitely be beneficial,” said Traci Fant, “Because you never know. We don’t know where she is and she could be in another state. Our hope is that is where she is and that she will be returned home safely.”

Even strangers to the family, hope the billboards will be just enough exposure to get Leaona back to her family. “I feel like everyone wants to help find her,” said Michelle Bowen. “People already know about her and I feel like that would just put her face in more people’s minds.”

Anderson County investigators say Leaona’s disappearance is still an active missing person’s case. But deputies say they haven’t had any new tips lately. If you have any information that could help, call the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

Crime Stoppers is also offering a reward for any information that helps find Leaona. You can call in anonymous tips to 1-800 crime SC.

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