Police: Intoxicated, Underwear-Clad Ice Cream Man Swears At Kids

Photo Courtesy of AP

CLARENCE, N.Y. — An allegedly intoxicated ice-cream truck driver was arrested after police say he was driving around in his truck, wearing only his underwear, and screaming at children.

WIVB.com reports that deputies received reports of an ice cream man screaming out the window of his truck “while scantily clothed.”

Officials told WSLS.com that they found Ryan Duff, 24, clad in nothing but his underwear.

Police believed Duff to be intoxicated, so he was arrested and taken in for drug testing, according to WSLS.com.

Duff refused to submit to any tests, but a “drug recognition expert” deemed Duff to be on drugs, WSLS.com reports.

Duff has been charged with DUI, among other offenses. He was released into the custody of a sober driver, according toGawker.com.

Duff is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 25, according to WSLS.com.

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