SC Home Front Welcomes Homeless Veterans

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Homeless veterans were invited to Transitions in Columbia this afternoon, for S.C. Home Front.

United Way of the Midlands, Dorn VA Medical Center, Transitions, and the Midlands Area Consortium for Homeless hosted the event that provided resources including case workers, housing specialists, and medical liaisons. Housing was the primary goal.

Veterans like James Ravenell said if it weren’t for the services provided by S.C. Home Front, they would not be on the right track.

“It has been rough,” Ravenell said. “I had lost my mom while I was overseas fighting in 2009.”

Ravenell said the services provided by S.C. Home Front are, “Giving back to us as we’ve given back to the country and the world.”

The services that were provided at the event can be accessed at any time. If you could not attend and need assistance, call the Veteran Affairs National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 877-424-3838, or the Dorn VA Medical Center at 803-776-4000 Ext. 4415.


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