Spartanburg Co. Family Spots Alligator In Backyard

A Spartanburg County family says they spotted an alligator, right from their own backyard, on Thursday.

The Powells live in the Timberlake community in Inman.  Their home sits on a Spartanburg County reservoir, often called Mud Creek.

Adam Powell says his mom was the first to spot it as she was out playing with their dogs in the yard.  “She started screaming, running up to me, saying there was an alligator,” he said.

“The head popped up and it was at least a foot long that my son saw. The v-shape waves were a good eight to ten feet long on either side. We followed it by foot as long as we could, but we lost it after that,” said Debbie Powell.

Since the scary encounter, the homeowners association sent out an alert to everyone living in the community.

“We did notice some ‘slide back’ marks on our neighbors property so obviously this gator has been up on land,” said Debbie Powell.

7 On Your Side called the Department of Natural Resources.  Officials say this is the only recent report in the area.

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