Stolen Puppy Jumps Out Of Truck; Reunites With His Owner

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The search is on for the thief who stole a Williamson County couple’s puppy. The good news is he’s back in their arms and safe. But, KXAN has learned he was hurt escaping from the crook’s truck traveling on the highway.

12-week-old Jax, a blue pit bull puppy, was stolen right out of his owners apartment. “I just know I’m grateful to have my baby boy back,” said owner Jordan Quick.

Quick and his girlfriend started posting pictures of Jax online. He says surveillance footage from a neighbor even caught the thief on camera. “We were just real scared that we weren’t going to see our puppy again.”

Soon, they received a Facebook message telling them Jax was safe but at a local vet. The puppy jumped off the back of a pickup truck on the highway.

A good Samaritan pulled over on the highway to rescue Jax brought him to Allendale Veterinary Clinic. “We just knew we needed to take the best care of it we could and that was our job at the time,” said vet tech Kaitlin Horner. X-rays showed Jax had a broken pelvis and road rash all over his body. “I mean the dog is able to walk even though it has a fractured pelvis. Yes, this is a miracle dog.”

“I can’t describe how overcome with joy I was that my dog was found and he was alive and somebody was taking care of him. I was shaking,” said Quick.

Investigators are still looking for the thieves who were driving a White Ford F-150 at the time. That’s what Jax jumped out of.

Jax’s owners set up a Go Fund Me account to help cover his medical bills. He will need surgery in six to eight months but is expected to make a full recovery.

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