Greer FD Offering Free CPR Classes

CPR Saturday class at Greer Fire Department.

A local fire department is turning average folks into lifesavers.

The Greer Fire Department started offering CPR Saturday to the general public.

The four-hour class is designed for anyone with limited or no medical training. And it’s free.

The classes follow the American Heart Association’s CPR program.

Department training officer Captain Joshua Holzheimer says even if you’ve learned it before, taking a class now will teach you the very latest in training.

“In the way we do CPR has changed. In the way the lei person is able to do CPR has changed. So the more training that we can offer the lei person because there’s more of them around, the better change of survival you’ll have with administering CPR quicker,” said Holzheimer.

The Greer Fire Department will offer the class the first Saturday of every month.

There are 12 spots per class and they start at 9am.

To register, click here.

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