Back To School Checklist

It’s time for back to school. Use this checklist to help you get prepared.

  1. Enroll your children in school Enroll your child (if he or she is not already registered from the previous year).<
  2. Prepare you child for their first day back to school or their first day of school – Find out what day classes start and what time your child should arrive. Find out the school bus schedule. Have your child meet their teacher and tour the school so they feel comfortable on the first day.
  3. Review Important School Items – Fill out emergency contact sheets and any other required forms. Review the school dress code and make sure your child has the appropriate clothing/uniform items.
  4. Take care of your child’s health concerns – Notify your child’s school of any allergies, health concerns or medications needed. Make sure your child has all required immunizations.
  5. Check with your child’s teacher for classroom requirements Check with your child’s school/teacher to see if there are required items each student needs.
  6. Stock Up on School Supplies – Purchase the basics including: Backpack, Lunch box, Ice pack, Water bottle, Notebooks, Folders, 3 ring binder(s), Pencils, Glue sticks/bottle of glue, Crayons/colored pencils/markers, Extra erasers, Ruler, Age appropriate scissors, Mini pencil sharpener.
  7. Start Meal Planning – Find out how much school breakfasts and lunches cost and get the menu. Let your kids pick out a new lunch box and don’t forget the ice pack! Alert school staff if your child has a severe food allergy.
  8. Plan food purchases ahead of time – Check to see if your school has a no-nut policy before you stock up on PB & J supplies. Start pinning your favorite crock-pot recipes to make the first week back a breeze. Start cooking now and freeze portions/meals for quick easy dinners later. Watch for back to school sales and start stocking up on things your kids love in their lunches.
  9. Establish Back to School Routines/Calendars – Start your back to school sleep routine now. Every night inch closer and closer to your bed time goal. Create a back to school calendar and mark important dates. Find out what night is back to school orientation and make sure to be there to meet the teacher and tour the school/classroom.
  10. Plan for transportation, walking the route to school, etc. – Arrange your transportation. How are the kids getting to school and what’s the plan after school? Create a schedule. See if extracurricular activity schedules are available and start planning for practice schedules/game days, etc. Mark the family calendar for the big events through the school year so you’re prepared. If your child walks to school, walk the route so they know where they’re going. Map out the morning routine to make sure you get out the door on-time. Set everything out the night before so you’re prepared. Make the lunches, pack the backpacks and lay out first day of school outfits so things run smoothly.

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