Tryon Restricts Water Use For Residents Effective Wednesday

Tryon residents are going to have to cut back on water use beginning today at 5 p.m.

The town will move into Stage 1 a water restriction which includes:

  • To water lawns, grass, shrubbery, trees, flowers and vegetable gardens except by hand-held hose or container or drip irrigation system.
  • To fill newly constructed swimming and/or wading pools or refill swimming and/or wading pools which have been drained.
  • To wash automobiles, trucks, trailers, boats, airplanes or any other type of mobile equipment, with the exception of commercial car washes.
  • Commercial car washes shall adhere to restrictions set by the Town Manager.
  • To wash outside areas such as streets, driveways, service station aprons, parking lots, office buildings, exteriors of existing or newly constructed homes or apartments, sidewalks or patios, or to use water for other similar purposes.
  •  To use water from public or private fire hydrants for any purpose other than fire suppression or other public emergency.
  • To operate or induce water into any ornamental fountain, pool or pond or other structure making similar use of water.

The restrictions can be lifted if it rains this week. For questions please contact the Town of Tryon.

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